No longer the Mom-Taxi!!

 Recently, Meagan passed her test for her driver's license. She has had her learning permit for three years now and she thought it was about time to get the 'real thing'.  After signing in with the stack of necessary paperwork, we took a seat and waited for our number to be called. We were number 647, the number being served at that moment...423.  For the next hour and forty-five minutes we chatted with the people around us, watched the news being replayed over and over on the tv screen, listened to crying babies needing a nap, heard mommies fussing at the crying babies and daddies griping at the slow workers behind the counter... oh what fun!!
 Finally our number was called. We were so excited- Meagan was going to test for her license. But- not that day! The nice lady behind the counter informed us that they don't do the driver's license testing there! We would have to go to the big city. UGH!!! But, thankfully we were able to make an appointment at the DMV in the big city. So, the next week Meagan was able to take her test and she passed!

When the driving instructor gave me the good news, I had to fight the tears. Yes, I am proud of Meagan and happy for her, but where did my little girl go?  Where is that little 'Shirley Temple look-alike' with bouncing curls and chubby cheeks? She has grown into a beautiful young woman and I am SO proud of her!  I know God has awesome plans for her and one day when she's the mom and her little girl is driving away in the car for the first time alone- she'll understand that pride and pain in my heart!
Signing off... the momma

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