Beautiful weather means being OUTSIDE!

This past Saturday, was our friend, Evie's seventh birthday. To celebrate, Evie's family hosted a "Birthday Tea Party" for all of Evie's little friends. The dads and brothers were the waiters and did a very good job!
Kaitlyn and the Birthday Girl
 The tables we set so very pretty and each girl had a special cup for tea or strawberry water.

After the tea, Evie's mom read the girls a beautiful princess story and the girls had a scavenger hunt. Then the girls went out to play on the trampoline.


Sunday we made last minute plans to meet some very dear friends at Simmons Park for a cook-out. The weather was beautiful... we hope to do have another picnic before it gets too hot.
 Meagan's first taste of sauerkraut... it ended up in the trash can...
The boys had fun playing down by the water... we saw manatee and dolphins, 
but never could get a picture of them!
The boys caught a crab
 After lunch, the adults were ready for a nap... everyone agreed we needed a hammock. Meagan actually fell asleep on the picnic table seat

We try to take advantage of the beautiful spring weather during the short time we have it. Soon the summertime heat will be upon us and we'll run from the pool to the air conditioning.
Enjoying Florida- The Boyles


Our Exciting News...

It seems that some weeks go by normally, day after day. Then suddenly, something exciting happens! I love those kind of weeks.  I love excitement and activity and change.

Our first bit of excitement is that Kaitlyn won a contest!  Below are two photos that were submitted in a homeschooling contest and one of these won!
Ellie always wanted to be with someone and if you were sitting or lying on the floor she was on top of you, no matter what you were doing. We sure miss our Ellie Girl!

And our next bit of exciting news... We're getting another guide-dog puppy!!  He is a black Labrador Retriever named DAVE. He has been named by our puppy-raiser group in memory and honor of our former Area Coordinator who passed away in December 2010. DAVE will come live with us on March 7th. We are SO excited!!!  Click HERE to see DAVE... he is one of those adorable, energetic, playful puppies.
Well, that's it for now....
Love from the Boyles



Happy Valentine's Day!

What did you do for Valentine's Day?  We started our Valentine festivities by making cookies...
...and decorating them. Then we shared them with friends.
This year the children and I decided to do something extra fun as a surprise for Todd. We drug the tent down from the attic and set it up in the back yard. I have to tell you that we did a pretty good job- this being the first time we set the tent up without Todd's help! 

  Then Meagan put strings of white lights inside the tent so we would have lighting for our Valentine dinner. We set up tables and chairs, pulled out the red tablecloth, lit the candles and set out real plates... we were so excited for Todd to come home from work!

 The weather was perfect, the food was delicious.... it was a wonderful Valentine dinner!
   A new tradition we started a few years ago is to draw names from a hat to see who our Valentine will be. We make a card, buy or make a small gift, then present our treat to our Valentine after dinner.  
Even Sadie was given a special Valentine treat this year...
Sadie's new toy!
Well, we're all tired from the excitement of the day, so we're headed to bed!
Good Night and God bless,


It's that time again!!

Walk-A-Thon time is here again! Let me tell you more about it.
 Four years ago our family volunteered to raise guide-dog puppies for Southeastern Guide Dog Inc.(SEGDI). We are given charge of a  9 week old puppy who will live in our home for about one year. During that time the puppy will learn house manners,  accompany us everywhere we go, and be socialized and exposed to as many sounds, smells, and sights as we can provide. All of this is important in the making of a guide dog. At about 12-14 months old the pup will be returned to Southeastern, where for the next six months it will be trained in harness as a guide dog for a sight-impaired individual.  When the pup is ready, it is matched with a blind person and the two of them will spend about three weeks living at the SEGDI campus, learning to work together. Not every dog becomes a guide dog though, and may be career changed. These career opportunities include; Veteran Assistance dogs, Public service dogs, Canine Companions and Therapy dogs.   Our first dog was Molly, a gorgeous golden retriever. Molly is now a therapy dog in Orlando. 
After Molly, we welcomed Clarke, a yellow lab/golden retriever, into our home. Clarke is now a working guide dog living in Largo, Fl. with her forever person, Carolyn.
  After Clarke we raised Eve, an adorable black Laborador. Eve was recently matched and lives in West Palm with her forever person, Wendy.
  Our latest pup, Ellie, another beautiful golden retriever, was returned to SEGDI in January to further her training as a guide dog.  Returning a pup to the school is very emotional. The goodbyes are always sad, but there is also excitement as we wait to learn what career path our pup will follow. For the present time we are pup-less.
 Every year in March, SEGDI hosts a fund-raiser called a Walk-A-Thon to raise money for the school, the campus, and the guide dogs. We have been blessed to attend this event for the past three years and excitedly look forward to this years' walk as well.
 Our part in raising funds is to sell raffle tickets. These tickets are $5 each or 5 for $20. The prizes include:  $10,000 cash,  Air Fair and 3 day/2 night stay at Tradewinds Resort in St. Pete Beach Fl,  or Four one-day Disney Park Hopper passes.  To donate online, please visit www.sitstaygive.org/meaganboyle or contact us through this blog to send cash or check.
 We thank you!
  The Boyles


Welcome to our blog

Let's start out with a little info about us.

We are the Boyles from Florida.
Todd, the dad, is the Director of the Survey Department for the county. He is also a soccer coach for AYSO. Diona is the stay at home/homeschooling mom, and the soccer registrar for AYSO. Meagan, the eldest child, graduated from homeschooling in 2009. She is now studying to become a Doula, is a soccer referee, teaches gymnastics and is a guide-dog puppy raiser. Collin, the man child, is the soccer player of the family and also helps with the guide-dog puppies. Kaitlyn, the youngest child, is the soccer cheerleader and assistant to the registrar. She also takes and teaches gymnastics, and assists with the guide-dog puppies.
Beside the humans in our home we also have one dog, two cats, one bird, one rat, and five fish.

We enjoy spending time together as a family working in the yard, preparing a meal, baking, playing games, visiting the flea market or hanging out with friends.  

We hope you'll enjoy the blog and come back to visit often.
Blessings to you and yours!

It's official!

We have a family blog! Woohoo! Check back frequently to see what goes on in the Boyle household!