Beautiful weather means being OUTSIDE!

This past Saturday, was our friend, Evie's seventh birthday. To celebrate, Evie's family hosted a "Birthday Tea Party" for all of Evie's little friends. The dads and brothers were the waiters and did a very good job!
Kaitlyn and the Birthday Girl
 The tables we set so very pretty and each girl had a special cup for tea or strawberry water.

After the tea, Evie's mom read the girls a beautiful princess story and the girls had a scavenger hunt. Then the girls went out to play on the trampoline.


Sunday we made last minute plans to meet some very dear friends at Simmons Park for a cook-out. The weather was beautiful... we hope to do have another picnic before it gets too hot.
 Meagan's first taste of sauerkraut... it ended up in the trash can...
The boys had fun playing down by the water... we saw manatee and dolphins, 
but never could get a picture of them!
The boys caught a crab
 After lunch, the adults were ready for a nap... everyone agreed we needed a hammock. Meagan actually fell asleep on the picnic table seat

We try to take advantage of the beautiful spring weather during the short time we have it. Soon the summertime heat will be upon us and we'll run from the pool to the air conditioning.
Enjoying Florida- The Boyles

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  1. Looks like it was a great day! I am SO enjoying it over here in NE Texas. We actually have 'seasons' ... right now plants and flowers are starting to "bud". I get such a kick out of seeing them. I will get hot here too, but I think we will have a nice Spring time before it does!


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