It's that time again!!

Walk-A-Thon time is here again! Let me tell you more about it.
 Four years ago our family volunteered to raise guide-dog puppies for Southeastern Guide Dog Inc.(SEGDI). We are given charge of a  9 week old puppy who will live in our home for about one year. During that time the puppy will learn house manners,  accompany us everywhere we go, and be socialized and exposed to as many sounds, smells, and sights as we can provide. All of this is important in the making of a guide dog. At about 12-14 months old the pup will be returned to Southeastern, where for the next six months it will be trained in harness as a guide dog for a sight-impaired individual.  When the pup is ready, it is matched with a blind person and the two of them will spend about three weeks living at the SEGDI campus, learning to work together. Not every dog becomes a guide dog though, and may be career changed. These career opportunities include; Veteran Assistance dogs, Public service dogs, Canine Companions and Therapy dogs.   Our first dog was Molly, a gorgeous golden retriever. Molly is now a therapy dog in Orlando. 
After Molly, we welcomed Clarke, a yellow lab/golden retriever, into our home. Clarke is now a working guide dog living in Largo, Fl. with her forever person, Carolyn.
  After Clarke we raised Eve, an adorable black Laborador. Eve was recently matched and lives in West Palm with her forever person, Wendy.
  Our latest pup, Ellie, another beautiful golden retriever, was returned to SEGDI in January to further her training as a guide dog.  Returning a pup to the school is very emotional. The goodbyes are always sad, but there is also excitement as we wait to learn what career path our pup will follow. For the present time we are pup-less.
 Every year in March, SEGDI hosts a fund-raiser called a Walk-A-Thon to raise money for the school, the campus, and the guide dogs. We have been blessed to attend this event for the past three years and excitedly look forward to this years' walk as well.
 Our part in raising funds is to sell raffle tickets. These tickets are $5 each or 5 for $20. The prizes include:  $10,000 cash,  Air Fair and 3 day/2 night stay at Tradewinds Resort in St. Pete Beach Fl,  or Four one-day Disney Park Hopper passes.  To donate online, please visit www.sitstaygive.org/meaganboyle or contact us through this blog to send cash or check.
 We thank you!
  The Boyles

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