Our Exciting News...

It seems that some weeks go by normally, day after day. Then suddenly, something exciting happens! I love those kind of weeks.  I love excitement and activity and change.

Our first bit of excitement is that Kaitlyn won a contest!  Below are two photos that were submitted in a homeschooling contest and one of these won!
Ellie always wanted to be with someone and if you were sitting or lying on the floor she was on top of you, no matter what you were doing. We sure miss our Ellie Girl!

And our next bit of exciting news... We're getting another guide-dog puppy!!  He is a black Labrador Retriever named DAVE. He has been named by our puppy-raiser group in memory and honor of our former Area Coordinator who passed away in December 2010. DAVE will come live with us on March 7th. We are SO excited!!!  Click HERE to see DAVE... he is one of those adorable, energetic, playful puppies.
Well, that's it for now....
Love from the Boyles



  1. yay!! We can't wait to meet Dave!

  2. I love those photos. Congrats again to Kaitlyn.

    The puppies ar adorable. I bet your family is so excited about getting a new one to love and train.


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