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Here's a quick post on things that happened over the Memorial Day weekend... We enjoyed a picnic dinner at Coquina beach... (I had my 6 inch sub sandwich snatched by a seagull!). Kaitlyn was sick with a stomach bug for a few days. We celebrated Mrs. Pruitt's birthday. We had friends over for a cook-out. We dog-sat. And kid-sat. Mopped the floors. Swam in the pool. Watered our fruit-laden trees and bushes. Planted herbs. Tasted our very first Barbados cherry! Made a memory scrapbook for Evan. Said good-bye to Evan. Did other various craft projects. Fixed a leaky sink. Went to see friends preform in a play. I took some girls to the movie theater to see pirates 4. As a family we like to watch Wipeout... ever seen it? It's one of our favorites!

For Memorial Day, Collin and Kaitlyn decided that the dads and sons should compete in Foosball to see who would win first place. Kaitlyn made badges for the winners. Kaitlyn and Evie were the score keepers.
The dad's won!(could there have been some cheating involved?)
Our first Barbados cherry was the size of a nickle. It had three small seeds inside and was extremely juicy. Our other cherry trees have a dozen or more small green cherries coming in.
Dave continues to grow and prove to be a very smart and stubborn little boy!
Friday, June 3rd, was Evan's last day with us. He has grown up to be a handsome little man. He is so smart and was just starting to mimic words we would say. We will miss him, but I think Dave will miss Evan the most.

Well that's all for now!

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