Anniversary, Father's Day, Birthday, Chickens, and Papua New Guinea!!

  How does all that tie in together???  Well, it all happened in the very busy month of June! Let me tell you about it...
  Todd and I celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary on June 16th. We are so thankful that God brought us together and for his continued blessings every day.
The day after our anniversary John and Kathy Jones, the Beightols, and our family got together with our missionary friends, the Eggletons, who just arrived from Paupa New Guinea.  Both Pat Eggleton and John Jones were groomsmen in our wedding.
On Father's day we celebrated Todd's 18th father's day.  He was served breakfast in bed and later in the day he 'earned' his Father's Day gifts by winning a game of Uno. Then we shared a special dessert of Raspberry Cheesecake.
On the 20th of June, I celebrated my ???th birthday. Someone sent me a very special treat of chocolate covered strawberries!! How did you know my one weakness?  Thank you, my dear friend!
Later that week, we invited the Eggletons over for dinner so we could spend a little more time together before they settle up north for the rest of the year. We decided to keep the dinner guests a surprise for Todd.  It was fun keeping the secret and dropping little hints like; "You know they have growing boys so we will need more lettuce" and, "We haven't seen these people in a long time". Just to keep Todd guessing.   It wasn't until the very last minute that Todd learned who was coming over.  Not only did we surprise Todd, but we surprised the Eggletons with a covering of silly string!!

  The kids had a great time in the pool, while the adults enjoyed fellowship around the table.
Sadie had a 'first' this past month. We took her to the groomer for a summer shave. Her hair was so long and  thick making it difficult to bathe her. We think she looks pretty cute!
Remember the six chicks we got in April? Well five of those six chicks are roosters!! So after many early mornings with five roosters learning how to crow, making a very unhappy Todd, we were able to trade the roosters for hens. Todd agreed to let us keep ONE rooster. So we have a male and female Blue Jersey Giant their names are Jack and Jill. Then we have one Rhode Island Red named Ruthanne, one Sex Link named Sue Ellen, an Americauna named Adeline, and a California White whose name is Cordelia.  We are looking forward to collecting brown eggs, white eggs, and blue/green eggs!! 
So, that is the end of our excitement for this month.... check back soon to see what happened during our holiday weekend!!  
With love, Diona

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