Todd's Birthday

If you follow "Dave's Blog" you'll see that Dave helped us with Dad's birthday...

Dad's birthday was on Monday the 18th, but since he had to work we decided to celebrate on Saturday.
As tradition, the birthday person gets breakfast in bed... and usually a present. But this year Dad didn't get an early morning present... he did make a little gripe about that!!
 Another tradition we have is the "Birthday Game" in which the birthday person has to play a game to 'win' his presents.  We had a very special game planned for Dad... no, it's wasn't "UNO" again!  Dad's game was based on "The Price is Right".  Dave helped us by making sure Dad didn't try to take a sneak peak.
In the first game, Dad had to put household items in order from least to most expensive.  Mom was the announcer, Kaitlyn played "Vanna", and Collin awarded the tokens.  Dad won three tokens playing that game.
Since we had five presents and Dad only won three tokens, we had another game planned (we wanted to make him wait a day for the next game, but he griped about that too... he's such a kid when it comes to his presents!)   In the next game he had to compare two items at a time guessing which was higher in price.
He did pretty well with that game!
After he won five tokens, he traded them in for his presents.
Collin kept teasing that we got him an "Illuma Wallet".  But really he got several survival tools, a glass insulator to add to his collection,  an external CD drive, and a framed photo to take to work of his wonderful kids.
Happy Birthday Dad!  We love you!!!

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