great things can come out of a yahoo groups!

-flash back six years ago-

There once was a girl named Meagan, who met a girl named Rebecca. 

Rebecca told Meagan about Southeastern Guide Dogs and how Rebecca became a puppy raiser.

Rebecca encouraged Meagan to visit Southeastern Guide Dogs.

Meagan was hooked on puppy raising. 

Thanks Rebecca!

This is Rebecca and her latest (sixth!) puppy, Joe. Joe was called IFT (in-for-training) a few weeks ago and since Rebecca and her family live out of state, Meagan and Rebecca couldn't pass up an opportunity to see each other again and meet each others pups!
And who doesn't celebrate a handsome guide dog puppy going to "college" without cake?!?
*Update on Joe* Joe passed his hip, elbow and knee x-rays and is moving onto formal guide dog training! Congrats to Rebecca, her family and of course handsome Joe-Joe!

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