Special guests!

For a few days, we had some guests come stay with us.
The Douglas kids are fun to have over! We have been blessed to know this homeschooling family for about 14 years.
Meagan has spent many days and some nights in their home babysitting, being a Mommy's helper, and lending a hand wherever needed.  Some mornings, when she takes a shower, the kids like to play pranks on her... like duct-taping the bathroom door so she can't get out! Then they say "We don't want you to leave!".
One evening when Katie was taking a shower the kids decided to stand an air mattress in front of the door...
It was pretty funny when Katie came out! Everyone was laughing so hard!
We had lots of fun with them. They spent many many hours in the pool making up all sorts of  games. I was beginning to wonder if they would grow fins and tails! 
Our bedtime routine became one of the favorite times of the day... the kids would enjoy a special snack while Diona read a few chapters out of a book entitled "The Willoughbys", a story about 4 very strange children, with a very nice nanny and a cat.
We are always excited to have the Douglas children come stay with us... it gives us an excuse to just have fun and not do any schoolwork!!

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