August was full of fun events! Let's start from the beginning...

Whenever Meagan's Coach goes out of town, he asks Collin or Meagan to watch their dog, Mason. Mason is a sweet pitbull who adores Collin! Mason is such a good boy with a hot pink tongue and thunder thighs that would make Flo Jo proud!
Mason sitting nicely while smiling really big!
We decided to have a party for Meagan's 20th b-day. We planned to do it on her birthday day, but since it was the middle of the week, it would have been too hectic with work schedules and daycare. So we planned it for August 11th.
We invited friends we haven't seen in in a while, and friends that we see all the time! It was fun for the kids to swim (in our brand new pool!), the adults to visit, and eat cake :)
Meagan's cake. Her colors were green and teal so the cake has those color polka-dots! The cake also has her intials MRB on it.
Kids swimming in the pool! They loved it!
Meagan with Bob and Sue... Sue is our Area Coordinator for our guide dog group!
Meagan with the Rogan family. This is the family she used to nanny for.
Meagan and the Bird family! Mr. Bird was Todd's best man in Todd and Diona's wedding! So much fun seeing them!
Meagan and Coach Bruce with his wife, Rita. Coach is like Meagan's second dad!
Meagan and the Scott clan minus one kid... although you'd never know it! :) they have a good looking bunch of kids. Mrs. Scott was the one who recorded Meagan's birth!
Meagan and the Millet family... oh the boys... making silly faces again!
Meagan and the Mendez family! Such awesome homeschool friends! 
When everyone left, we all agreed we had a good time. Thanks everyone for making Meagan's evening so special! 
A few days after Meagan's party, Kaitlyn came out of the kids bathroom and said "You'd better come look at this!"
An air freshener with decoration blocks beside it that are supposed  to say "I love America" now say "Live camera". No, the air freshener is not a live camera.
One weekend Todd and Diona came home with a surprise! 
Our brand new, dark blue Chrysler Town and Country!
No more feeling squished in our tiny Mazda 5! We traded the Mazda in for a van and got a great deal! This van has all sorts of bells and whistles. Complete with blue tooth, dvd player, music memory and voice recognition! We feel quite spoiled and very blessed!

Vacation planning! It seemed like just yesterday we were saying "6 months until vacation" but now it's exactly one week away! We will be much more comfortable in our new van while traveling!
Our road map, Diona's glasses, highlighter, pen and list of things to do before vacation!
Diona and Kaitlyn went and got a hair cut together. This was Kaitlyn's first visit to a salon for a professional cut. She was quite excited!
Before pictures:
Diona front
Diona back
Kaitlyn front
Kaitlyn back
 After pictures:
Diona front
Diona back
Kaitlyn front
Kaitlyn back

We think Kaitlyn looks much older and Diona has a lot of layers to give her more volume. They look great!

Todd and Diona had a soccer class in Wildwood, FL, which is about 2 hours away. Meagan, Collin and Kaitlyn came along 1) to test drive the van and see how it feels for a long trip and 2) to get away from home. All day Saturday was the Registrar and Coaches class so the kids hung out at the hotel. When Diona's class was done, she joined the kids and they went to the Russell Stover outlet which happened to have a huge 75% off clearance!

Russell Stover sign
One of the many isles full of candy! This isle has Easter and Valentines candy
They got some good deals and sweet treats to take home and share.

Later in August we were informed to buckle down and get ready for Hurricane Isaac. Hurricane Isaac looked like this for most of the time...

Cool, calm waters of Apollo Beach beach

Isaac wrecked havoc in other areas of the USA and then decided to bring himself back down toward us. That is when we got loads of rain and wind, but nothing serious. At least this time around, we had a pool to help contain some of the water!

Now on to September!

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