Vacation pt.2

Sunday we went to Gatlinburg with our family. We had fun walking around the shops and being tourists. Meagan remembered a couple things that we saw when we went to Gatlinburg years ago!
Cousins Liberty, Kaitlyn and Gabby on the way to Gatlinburg!
The main street in Gatlinburg

Todd and Collin found a property corner
These beautiful roses were everywhere!

Fall decorations were around every corner! Kaitlyn liked all the big pumpkins

Scarecrows dressed up as a bride and groom
More scare crows

The decorations were so creative!
The Boyle family with a family of scarecrows

The worlds tallest man statue... the man stood 8' 11"
We love the smell of leather shops!

There were a couple tea stores... thought of you Gentzler family!
Funnel cakes and fried oreos made for a special treat!
Meagan tried deep fried oreos... that was a one time treat!

The next day we went to Dollywood! A BIG thank you to the Trenkamps for giving passes to us! We had a great time! The weather was perfect! It's been so long since we've been to a theme park together as a family. Dollywood is set up like a large cottage town. There was also leather shops, wood working shops, a black smith shop, carriage shop, bakeries, kitting shops and candy shops. Dollywood is very family friendly! Our only regret, it's so far away! We would love to visit for Christmas and see the Christmas displays. We had a blast on roller coasters, bumper cars, tea cups, swings, spinning rides and the carousel.
M, C and K in front of the Dollywood welcome sign.
It was still chilly in the morning, so we went into a warm bakery and got two cinnamon HUGE rolls

M, C and K with more fall decor!
Everyone went on this rope obstacle course, high in the air with harnesses, our fear of heights was definitely put to the test!

Fall leaves changing color!
Dollywood has the largest American Bald Eagle display in America.

This water ride was fun... the people on the boats squirt the people on land. And the people on land, squirt the people on the boats!
Todd posing with two owl statues and a sign that says "will work for worms"

The kids went on a water tube ride 3 times in a row.

After they got wet they went in a warm dryer!

M, C and K with a vintage light blue car

Todd and Diona with a vintage orange car
Diona loved this rooster on the carousel!
This was a favorite ride for Meagan and Diona! A spinning disk on a arch shaped track... tons of fun!

Kaitlyn and Meagan on a spinning ride. Kaitlyn's favorite

Everyone went on the swings!

Aww, Todd and Diona smooching under a heart shaped archway

Meagan, Collin and Kaitlyn when they were on on top of the Ferris wheel. Collin is not a huge fan of rides.

Onto part three!

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