Vacation pt.3

We left the cabin after tearful and sad goodbyes to our family (with high hopes of a visit out west next year!!) to head to North Carolina.

We took the winding roads to the NC/TN border and had a wonderful two days stopping at several waterfalls and rivers, look-outs, hiking a little and enjoyed breathing in the fresh clean air.

The water was so refreshing
On top of a mountain and seeing the road we had just traveled waaay down there.
There were many wild flowers
More river
We had to stop and let the brakes cool... they were smoking really bad.
A picture of our family with the NC/TN state line sign.
Collin liked climbing the rocks
And Kaitlyn just liked sitting on them
Todd and Diona with mountains behind them. A beautiful view.
This older lady had set up an easel and was painting the mountains
We found a creek called "Collins Creek" so Collin was excited.
Collins Creek
Panoramic view of the mountains
If you're ever in Waynesville, NC... check out the Mast General Store. It was so much fun!
Teas, Herbs and spices...

A tree with very red leaves
We love antique shops. This is a panoramic view of just the upstairs of an awesome antique store!
Another beautiful river with very slippery rocks.
This would be a perfect swimming spot if the air was humid like in FL!

Collin skipping rocks
A very tiny water fall, but still had slippery rocks

Meagan found out just how slippery.
And ended up with a purple, hockey puck size lump on her foot!
   onto part 4... whew...

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