When we bought our current home 12 years ago all the walls and ceilings were white, and brand new white carpet had been installed in every room. The stark white was a little overwhelming, but for someone who enjoys painting and decorating as much as I do the interior represented a huge blank canvas and I was excited!  I have enjoyed painting and decorating each room over the years. The children's rooms and bathroom, the family room, and the dining area have all been painted many times, but the living room has always been the same. It was hunter green on the bottom, wood stained chair-rail in the middle and creamy beige on top.  This weekend, however, was the big paint-over for the living room. There are still a few touch-ups to do and the quarter-round to put down, but I'm really liking it!!

I think it looks so fresh and clean. There's nothing like a new coat of paint!!
Meagan also painted her bedroom and bathroom over the weekend. When it is completed we'll post pictures!

Have a great week!!!

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