Homeschool Shop Class in action...

We have had a matching couch and loveseat set in our living room for about 14 years. We knew the furniture did not have much more life so we began discussing the best method of disposal. The children thought it would be fun to dissect them!  Here are some pics of the process... 
The painful first cut...

Collin and Kaitlyn digging in...

Dave had to join in the fun...

Even Todd got involved when he came home from work

The end of the loveseat!
Our interesting discovery:
about two pounds of staples were used,
real oak wood was used for the frame,
the arms were made of stiff cardboard,
hammers leave big bruises on fingers,
couches make great storage for 47 cents, two pencils, one stale pretzel, one AA battery, lots of legos, one ink pen, cat fur, sand, dirt, three candy wrappers, and confetti.

Goodbye, my favorite living room set... 
Time to redecorate! WooHoo!

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