after shop class..

Since the couches from the living room have been demolished and taken to the dump, we needed to re-arrange.  We decided to move the couch and chair from the family room into the living room:
Making the family room a game-craft-puzzle-sewing-scrapbooking-school room:
We are enjoying having the extra indoor play space.
 Kaitlyn and I enjoyed spending some time putting together a puzzle over the past couple days. There is one piece missing because it fell on the floor and some puppy teeth found it before we did! Can you find the missing piece?
Come join us for a game of Parcheesi sometime!!

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  1. Good job!Enjoyed the manner in which you cut up the former couch & chair.Good to have more room for schooling,crafts,etc.Being a Newbie with BYF,you may not know much about me.I did email you,but didn't receive a reply.Anyhow,wanted to leave a comment.Blessings! Sue


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