Tomatoes, beach and a relaxing week!

Thursday the 12th, we met up with some friends from Tampa to pick tomatoes... yes, MORE tomatoes!! We picked 200 pounds this time. Since it's getting to be the end of tomato season, some of the tomatoes were starting to rot and split.
Friday evening, Collin and Kaitlyn decided to have a garage sale. So early Saturday morning, C & K set it all up. In the sale, they sold some of the tomatoes we picked. They made about $40 in just tomato sales!
Saturday afternoon, I took Dave to a puppy meeting at SEGDI's Discovery Center in Sarasota. It was a good meeting and Dave was worn out!

Sunday, mom and dad went to a rare fruit and tree sale in Bradenton. They bought 4 Barbados cherry trees, a Dragon fruit plant and a small bush basil. One Barbados cherry has as much vitamin C as 12 oranges!
Sunday evening, we had a going away party for some good friends of ours. Mr. Kemp is in the military he and his family are moving up north in just a few days. Dad gave Mr. Kemp a Grateful American Coin to thank Mr. Kemp for his dedication to our country. Mr. Kemp found a couple other coins (ones that hadn't been packed yet!) to show us.
The kids had fun swimming, kayaking, and playing games. 
We had (lots) of good food, laughter and fellowship. We will miss this sweet family! 
Monday, I had a prolotherapy consultation and my first prolo treatment. It was pretty painful, but we are hoping this will help my back issue. After my appointment, since Dad took the day off of work, we decided to go down to Venice Beach. We haven't been there in years!

It was a little overcast and chilly for quite a while, but the sun came out eventually! Dad and mom dug through the shells C and K brought in their sifter and found several sharks teeth... this is the biggest.

 The new blog title!


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