Thank God for Electricity!!

Last Thursday Florida had some pretty rough weather. In our area the storms were fierce, the wind was whipping everything around, and our recycle bins were blown almost a block away!  Everything in our home went dark Thursday just after lunch..  This has happened before, during hurricanes or bad weather and we were quite sure our power would be restored within a few hours, so we opened all the blinds and windows just biding our time.  By dinner time, we still had no power, so Todd grabbed some take-out on his way home from work. The house was quite cool from the storm so we enjoyed dinner by candle-light and began our bedtime routine, feeling quite sure that sometime during the night our power would be restored.  Twas not to be so!!  We spent Friday doing laundry at a friend's house, taking our frozen and refrigerated items to the same friend's house, and hanging out anywhere that promised air-conditioning. We were certain that Friday evening would bring lovely electricity back to our home. We weren't enjoying our candle-light so much anymore, and the cold showers were getting old!
We spent Friday evening at a friend's house sharing dinner and fellowship, and hoping that by the time we returned home the welcoming porch light would be on.  Nope! One more night of darkness was to be tolerated by the Boyle family.
Finally at 8:25 Saturday morning the fans and lights, refrigerator and freezer, aquarium pump, pool filter, computers, printer, telephone, and dishwasher all began working again!! WooHoo!!! Life is good! It was an interesting adventure, but one that we hope not to repeat any time soon!!

Saturday, Collin had a yard sale with his friend, Matthew. They are both raising money to buy their own computers. Collin cornered friends and neighbors to ask for donations of items for his sale, set it all up with Todd's help, and enjoyed talking people into items they really didn't need. He made $124.47.  Way to go, Collin!!

We are thrilled to have our house back to normal, happy that we live in the times we do when we have so many luxuries and blessings.

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