Hunsader Farms had their annual u-pick 25lbs of tomatoes for $1! So Meagan, Collin, Kaitlyn and their friend Matthew went one morning and picked 100lbs.

The boys picking in the tomato field... the fields are huge, much bigger than this picture shows!
Kaitlyn found many ripe ones!

We found an old birds nest in one of the tomato plants.
The fruits of our labor! A table full of tomatoes!

Sadie had to get in on the fun... she got a new hair do!

Sadie... with her really long flowing hair
Sadie's shaved! REALLY short!

Love-bug season was here. You can always tell by how black and bug covered all the cars are. We could hardly see out of the front window. Love-bugs are hard to get off of your vehicles... softener sheets work really well, but it still took Meagan about 1 1/2 hours to get them all off.

The car's before and after picture... from gutty, to shiny!

We attended the Southeastern Guide Dog open house on the 12th. Southeastern was celebrating their 30th anniversary! We had just started raising puppies when they had a huge cookout on campus for their 25th anniversary. Time flies when your having fun!

Southeastern Guide Dog cake... complete with a map of the campus, a puppy-in-training and a harness made out of fondant!

We were able to see Ellie with her person! She was so happy to see us... she is such a sweetheart!

Ellie standing right beside... okay, leaning, on her person... so proud of her!

We also met some trainers that have worked with our puppies!

Meagan with two Southeastern trainers, one was Clarke's trainer, the other was Ellie and Dave's!
And just because we thought it was funny.. apparently a puppy found this road blockade and thought it was a chew toy!

Road blockade with a few puppy teeth marks in it!

Now, mom's turn to do some typing...

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