During the month of March...

We had a sweet house guest named Gunner... Gunner is a puppy-in-training with Southeastern Guide Dogs. Gunner's best non-program trick is to "smile" on command... yes, he does it every time!
Gunner in a stand stay while looking at the camera
Attended the Southeastern Guide Dog's 26th Walk-A-Thon. It was a blast as usual... so many dogs and people.
We were able to meet Paul and Ellie! This picture is Paul with Ellie and Meagan with Sadie
Ellie looking as gorgeous as ever with her blue working coat and American flag print bandana!

Meagan (and soon to be Kaitlyn's!) Orthodontist donated water for all the walkers. This is a picture of Meagan and puppy Burke who is being raised by friends in the Carolinas!
After the walk-a-thon, we saw some people para-sailing near the Skyway bridge. We stopped to get some pictures...
Two men para-sailing... they go so fast!
The sails the men weren't using were laying on the beach.
 Got a picture of our handsome College boy! Dave is in training for the Veteran's Assistant program!

Dave's picture in harness is currently on the fridge along with a picture of him running in the yards at Southeastern
Had some excitement one Sunday afternoon... Meagan can no longer eat raspberries or it's an ambulance ride for her!

Meagan sitting in the dining room... still full of Benadryl.
Had a cook out at the park with good friends!
Hamburger, corn on the cob, and tomato salad!
Helped out at the fun fest! We sold out of strawberries this year!
Collin and his friend Matthew with all the strawberry boxes... we processed a total of 30 flats this year!
Kaitlyn won a house at the fun fest... a doll house that is! The older gentlemen that live in Sun City have a wood working shop and built and donated the house and furniture for the raffle. Kaitlyn is currently making curtains, bedding, plans on painting and wants to "electrify" the house!
Kaitlyn and her house, which stands about 3 feet tall. It is a three bedroom, one bath doll house.
Strawberry picking and shish-kabob making...
Yummy strawberries
Meagan, Todd, Collin and Kaitlyn working on the shish-kabobs
 Attended a Steven Curtis Chapman concert...

Andrew Patterson, Steven Curtis Chapman and Josh Wilson... beautiful music!
Meagan and Todd with friends Tracee and Jared... all fans of SCC.
Meagan met  three time Olympian. Muriel Grossfield. Muriel conducted a 2 hour clinic with about 25 girls from the gym where Meagan teaches. Muriel is very strict!
Coach Bruce, Meagan and Muriel.

Now, on to an April post...

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