Mother's Day

Mother's Day!
 I am so thankful for my sweet family who love to spoil me!  My special day started with breakfast in bed (a Napoleon and fruit) and this adorable gift bag full of special surprises to start my day...

gift bag that reads "So NOT a Macaroni Necklace"!!  Too cute!!!
After breakfast, to take advantage of the beautiful weather,  the bikes were loaded into the truck for a day of biking at Robinson Preserve, a beautiful park about 30 minutes south of us with very nice trails winding along the water, over bridges, and under the mangroves.   

Here you can see all of us on our bikes.. Todd and I are lagging behind on the tandem bike at the end,
Part of the wooden path under the mangroves.

We enjoyed all sorts of nature sites... snakes, pink spoonbills, jumping fish, cranes and gulls of all kinds!
Oh and monkeys too...
Meagan, Collin, and Kaitlyn acting like monkeys under the trees.

Here is the whole family resting on a pier over the water.

After our outing we came home for a nap. I was told to "just relax.. supper will be taken care of"!  How nice!!!  Todd grilled steaks and the kids added pasta, sauteed veggies, and fresh tomatoes!  Then the family surprised me with a gift certificate to a salon,  two new rose bushes and three new Jasmine vines!!  Two of my favorite flowering plants.

Later in the evening we played games and had snacks around the table. Then as a special honor, Kaitlyn let me pull one of her loose teeth!!!  How blessed am I!!!!!
Kaitlyn laying on the table, mouth wide open, so I could pull her tooth using Todd's Leatherman Squirt!

As the children grow and mature they take more pleasure in planning the celebrations and surprises. What fun they are!!!!

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